Emerald Land
Thursday, November 4, 2010, ϟ 0 shout(s)

It's time for me to arise and go to Emerald Land
There will I build a huge convenient golden castle hidden behind a range of green mountains
There will I plant a wreath of colorful flowers and a groove of juicy fruit trees
There will I rare cheeky rabbits, fluffy kittens and a litter of cute puppies
Yet will I live alone in a free heaven-like land with breathtaking fresh air

Here will I find some peace, joy and happiness
Here will I see lots of exhilarating sceneries and interesting flora and fauna
Here will I hear the tree sizzling as the breeze blows
Here will I smell charming fragrances that calms my mind
Here will I taste a punnet of luscious strawberries and plenty of mouth-watering food
Yet again will I sense luck and happiness brimful with sweet memories

new past