Otical Illusion | Ilusi mata
Saturday, November 26, 2011, ϟ 0 shout(s)

holla holla readers!
assalamualaikum to all muslims. .

heyy heyy u guys. .
cuba kira berapa rusa yang ada kat dalam gambar tu?
oke let's count how many deers can you see in the picture?

from the source where i got this, 
it says that there are 5 deers in the picture.
can you guys really be able to find them?

let say, i can only find three.
haha! i can't find more than three. .

but., recently i've learnt something,
the truth is.,
there is only one deer in the picture.

a very wise man said something to me,

something that's look alike that something, is not that something. 
translation: sesuatu yang menyerupai sesuatu itu, bukanlah sesuatu itu.

it means that,
something that looks like that deer, is not deer.
translation: sesuatu yang menyerupai rusa itu, bukanlah rusa. 

and it is truly acceptable!

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