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hello2 dear readers !
assalamualaikum to all muslims...

I'm currently fallen in love..
it's a bit complicated cuz I don't actually know who's the person that I actually love *haha.LOL

so as the result, I made this to express my feelings..
p/s: if you wanna laugh, go ahead cuz I know it's kinda funny

so here it is.
a poem entitled ' Just For You, I'll Wait Forever '

When the breeze passes
I feel his breath
When the sun rises in the morning
I feel his warmth
When my heart beats faster than usual
I deeply feel his love

When I stare his eyes which dazzle all the time
I feel happiness inside my heart
When I see his sweet smile
My entire soul is so blissful
When I see him looking at me who's blushing all around
My heart falls off the place where it belongs to

To know that I loved you all this time
This world is such like a shining heaven of vibrant glow
But to know that you aren't noticing me all this time
It feels like I was doomed in the darkness of life
Hoping that one day you'll love me for who I am
I'll wait for that precious moment in a sparkling air
Brimful with yesterday's memories..

new past