Endless Love Story, I'm in a big trouble
Saturday, April 7, 2012, ϟ 3 shout(s)

holla guys !
assalamualaikum to all muslims..

i'm going back to my hostel by today and i wonder what will i face after this 3 days of school holidays.
see, i'm in a dillema right now. it's really confusing and making my day full of sadness and despair instead of happiness and laughter..

first of all, i got a big trouble. i have financial problems. ahh.. don't want to let you guys know the details. yes, i'm a big money-spender and now i have no money at all. oke stop this.

on that strange day, my bestfriend, N confess that he liked me. oh God ! i couldn't think on that particular time. it's hard to reject him,but to accept him, it's much harder than anyone could ever imagine. it's so hard to tell him that i can't be with him, but i have to.

and it's a bit funny as i feel that this love story is more like a "karma".

i think i liked this guy named Akmal, and N liked me. so i felt it's so hard for me to accept N. and Akmal said that he liked someone else and it's hard for him to accept me.

ahh.. it's confusing. speaking bahasa melayu lagi senang. try baca ni.

N minat Zaty sebagaimana Zaty minat Akmal dan Zaty minat Akmal sebagaimana Akmal minat Seseorang.
Seseorang itu tidak menerima Akmal sebagaimana Akmal tidak boleh menerima Zaty. dan seperti itu jugalah Zaty tak dapat menerima N.

it's like a "karma", isn't it?
oke. end of this confusing love story. better get ready to my hella hostel.
bye. see ya!

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